The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Natasha Giggs has become involved in yet another online row with the glamour model Imogen Thomas. According to a report in The Mirror, some of Imogen's Tweets today (January 17, 2012), have been aimed at Natasha, though they do not directly reference her. The on-going feud between the pair stems from Natasha's alleged infidelities in the past and Thomas decided to use a few less-than-subtle hashtags (such as the Tweet that read "Not enough fish in the sea potkettleblack, keepingitinthefamily")to make her feelings known.

The feud between Giggs and Thomas, though, was tame in comparison to the Twitter slanging match that Natasha then engaged in with the celebrity blogger and star of Desperate Scousewives, Jaiden Micheal. Natasha sent a public message to the blogger saying "Haha. ah bless ya, u tried to be funny. Must be great being a professional hater what a sad little boy you are!" and also called him 'chubbs', in reference to his weight. Jaiden went on to respond with a number of vitriolic tweets and ended the row by saying "Well there's 5 mins of my life ill (sic) never get back! Arguing with f***in trash like NatashaGiggs what an amazing lady, a f***in mazing."

Natasha became the second celebrity to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2012, after Andrew Stone. Ten celebrities remain, including Frankie Cocozza, Michael Madsen and NATALIE CASSIDY.