Imogen Thomas debuted her baby-bump this week, after announcing that she is three months pregnant with her first child. You could have been forgiven for assuming Thomas was single (she's often snapped arriving at exclusive bars, restaurants and clubs alone), though she has in fact been dating boyfriend Adam Horsley for some time.
Of course, Imogen is best known for her role in the Ryan Giggs affair, though she's since carved out a lucrative modelling and television career. She was photographed out in Muswell Hill, London on Monday morning (August 6, 2012), clutching her bump while wearing an Ed Hardy T-shirt. Revealing her pregnancy to the Sun newspaper over the weekend, Imogen referenced her tumultuous year, saying, "'I can't believe how happy I am, what happened last year was utterly horrendous.I never thought I would find happiness again but finding love and then falling pregnant has transformed my life". Despite her joy, reaction on Twitter has not been wholeheartedly positive, with one user asking, "Who's baby is it or shall we expect a "celebrity Jeremy Kyle"? In all seriousness give us a clue what position does he play? (sic)". In fact, Horsley isn't in a sportsman at all - he's an Australian city trader whom Thomas met in a bar around six months ago. Anyway, the model refused to let the offensive messages get her down, tweeting, "Once again Thank You so much for such wonderful tweets. No1 will spoil our special day. I'm so happy".
Though only 12 weeks gone, the Welsh model is already certain she is expecting a girl, saying, "I'm convinced I am having a girl because I can't stop being sick and eating potatoes of all descriptions, my mum had the same symptoms with me".