Singer/songwriter Imogen Heap has bought the 'haunted house' where she grew up.
The British star has taken on the former prisoner of war camp in England that became the family home when she was a child and she can only hope her mother's tales of the German who committed suicide there and returned to haunt the old place were completely made up.
Heap admits she and her mum had a lot of fun scaring visitors when she was young - she lost a lot of friends with the ghost story.
The Hide & Seek singer tells WENN, "The house was on a prisoner of war camp during the second world war and they would keep all the German officials up where we had our bedrooms on the top floor.
"When we were up in the rafters mum would tell the story about how a German jumped out of one of the windows and threw himself to the floor and died and completely haunted the house ever since.
"His name was William. Downstairs in the dining room is the self-playing 1910 acoustic Pianola piano that I grew up playing, and mum would say, 'Imogen, why don't you go downstairs and see if you could find William and introduce him to your friends.' I'd run downstairs and turn on the Pianola and the keys would be pressing down and of course there is no one there playing it.
"Mum would be winding everyone up as they came down the stairs: 'That's William. He loves to play,' and they'd all walk into the room expecting to see a person and of course there was no one playing, so they'd all p**s themselves. Some of them never spoke to me again thinking I had a haunted house."