Review of Public Access Reviewed Single by Ima Robot

Ima Robot - Public Access

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Ima Robot Public Access- Virgin Records /Published by EMI
Ima Robot

Public Access

Virgin Records /Published by EMI

All's not what it seems in the Ima Robot house. The latest release looks like a drum and bass cover but breaks into an indie/rock track with a certain individuality to offer. A blend of pounding hi-hats and spontaneous lyrics - in places the lead guy goes off on a strange one. As the record starts we hear frantic guitars and the singer talking of death which is comforting.

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It's got character but the long lasting appeal factor will wear off pretty quickly. Half way through this track there's a great moment of 6 string slamming before the whole thing explodes and then ends. A sudden bizarre twist and the second tune talks you through a few lines before a couple of singers appear on the scene accompanied by fast pounding on the kit. Further to the last two songs we get an insight into the lead guys love life shouting 'Girls Love me and boys love me' without a care in the world and how life goes on. The main guitar player provides the highlights of this single. The last track on here of the 4 is more of an old eighties revival but still remains catchy enough. Quite frankly it's all mad stuff. Worth checking out if you like something different and some harmless fun.

Liam Golder