Review of A Rook House for Bobby Single by iLiKETRAiNS

A Rook House for Bobby
Single Review

iLiKETRAiNS A Rook House for Bobby Single

This is a simple, emotionally charged track with a low-key opening that builds steadily to a dark and windswept peak. There's something reminiscent of Nick Cave in Dave Martin's brooding, introspective vocals and a suggestion that these still waters run particularly deep. Plenty of reverb on the mournful guitars adds a definite retro vibe to proceedings, while Simon Fogal's repetitive drumming gives the whole thing a slightly hypnotic, mantra-like feel. If any of this were done with a heavier hand the song could easily drift over the line towards artifice and pretence, but it's nicely reined in and sounds honest and true. This is a promising track from the Leeds boys, it wets the appetite for more to come.

Sharon Edge

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