Review of Violent & Young Single by Iglu & Hartly

Review of Iglu & Hartly's single 'Violent & Young'.

Iglu & Hartly Violent & Young Single

Having landed in the top 5 of the singles chart with their debut track 'In The City', Californian quintet Iglu & Hartly have gone on to sell over 100,000 copies of their 'And Then Boom' album. Keen to capitalise on the breakthrough, they are currently on a huge tour of the UK, which coincides with the release of this, their second single.

Reminiscent of Crazy Town, I&H's style of rap over a rock backing is undeniably catchy, but soon steps into the territory of being annoying. Kudos to them for preaching about positive attitudes and being better to each other, but the droning nature of the song could illicit an ironically aggressive response to whoever is playing it. The fact that the chorus adds an additional syllable to the word 'violent' just rounds off the reasons that this track is so irritating!

Alex Lai

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