Iglooghost is nothing short of a prodigy. Despite not even being 20 years old yet, he's help carve a glimpse into what could well be the future of electronic music and with just a handful EP's and singles, the most notable being last year's 'Chinese Nü Yr.' With just the four tracks on that release, via Brainfeeder, Iglooghost created a fantastical world with vibrant and playful, yet tough and sporadic beats that feels like Pixar made a film about raves. This year he's released the equally eccentric 'Little Grids' EP and the epic, 40 minute, classical song '? ? ? Snoring (Music To Sleep To)' which is worthy of being a film soundtrack, it's so beautiful and adventurous. The electronic world waits with baited breath for a full length album and tonight in London he gives every reason to believe that it's going to be worth the wait, however long it takes to come out.


Before that though, Tre'bore kicks things off fittingly getting people dancing straight away with beats that switch up between hard and smooth, but always funky. Everyone has a blast, and it'd surely be the pinnacle of the night if it wasn't for who was following. 

Iglooghost gets behind his gear and delivers a set full of the muscular playful beats he's known for. Iglooghost's music is so overjoyed that it ignites a wholly positive feeling within you, yet packs enough punch to make you move fiercely to it. People are bouncing around with looks of glee on their face whilst hyperactively moving every limb. 

There's not a ton of people of present, but numbers don't make for energy and the scales are off the charts as people gather around Iglooghost and move like a tribe celebrating their god. Iglooghost himself is a joy to watch, as he's constantly bopping whilst hastily hitting keys and buttons pumping his flavourful beats out.

It's impossible not to feel euphoric to these songs. 'Chinchou / Melon Lantern Girl's Choir' gets played early on and invokes a feeling of wonder with its childlike vocal sample and cute textures, but compels you to get raucous in how tough they're delivered. This song also has delicate moments to breathe and take everything in, making this ride one that covers many emotions. 'Mametchi / Usohachi' is the wonderland counterpart sharing the same sample and few tricks, but having more of a pixie-dust edge to it and it has people becoming blurs of movement with its fluttering beats.

As for unfamiliar material played tonight, man, if this stuff is what his album's going to be like, he'll bring balance to the force. As expected a lot of it is rainbow-like in colour and beauty, but it's also super speedy, like you're riding a unicorn with rocket boosters, making Iglooghost seem like an even bigger power to be reckoned with and like everything else tonight, gets the people going.

He ends with 'Ell' his most grime song with fat, boisterous bass and confrontational bars from Rocks FOE, yet it's still wonky and people are dashing all-over-the-place going wild one last time.

Overall this show was all kinds of magic. Iglooghost's music is so otherworldly, that you can have an enchanted experience just listening to it alone in your room, but to be present with him and others giving it everything to his music on the dancefloor, makes for one of the best times you can have. Iglooghost is so unique and in a field of one, that he has every bit of potential to be generation defining and you're going to want to tell future generations that you were at this party, so be sure not to sleep on Iglooghost.

Iglooghost on Bandcamp - https://iglooghost.bandcamp.com/