Iglooghost - Interview

An interview with Iglooghost

An interview with Iglooghost

2017 is going to be Iglooghost's year. With just a handful of EP's such as 2015's 'Chinese Nü Yr'' and last year's 'Little Grids', the UK producer has already managed to craft a sound unlike anything you've ever heard before and years ahead of anything else in electronic music, maybe even music in general. With lush, colourful soundscapes, firm, muscular beats, fluttering rhythms, bizarre childlike vocals and a cinematic scope making for truly fun and enchanting listening. His as-of-yet-untitled debut album is due to come out in the coming months and all signs are pointing to it being a ripper. Iglooghost was kind enough to answer some questions for us about his upcoming album, the electronic scene and Pokémon.

Contact Music: Your debut album is due to come out this year. When can we expect it to come out and what can people expect from it?
Iglooghost: Yeah! I'm finishing off the last couple of tracks right now. It's really big and ancient and fast.

CM: Your EP's, singles and such have been highly regarded in the electronic scene. How does it feel to have had so much acclaim before even having an album out?
I: I don't really feel like I'm anything yet, but it's cool that a few people have caught on so early. I think after the LP I'll probably drop a million tracks on Soundcloud every week like the cool kids do.

CM: Your sound is able to marry a lot of opposites. It's cute in how pretty and childlike a lot of it is, but at the same time is tough and punchy in the thickness and delivery of the beats. It's grand and cinematic in how lush the soundscapes are, but it can also feel really intimate. Is this something you push for?
I: Yeah for sure! I love that stuff. Although, I think I've gotten better at it within material I haven't released yet, I'm really into trying to divine more potent and serious emotions from sounds/imagery you would really associate them with. Kinda like when a kid's cartoon hits you with some unexpectedly deep shit. I think there's power in that.

CM: What got you into making music in the first place?
I: Whatever it was it was probably different to why I do it now. Yo, actually all my oldest stuff sounds like Odd Future. I used to make fake Tyler The Creator beats and trade them on forums for unreleased Odd Future tracks. There was this whole weird black market going on. Eventually the whole 'trading network' was so saturated with fake beats it just sorta crumbled apart (laughs). So weird. I'm gonna write a novel about it one day.

CM: You've shown a great love for Pokémon on social media and have even said it's influenced your music. Which Pokémon would you compare your sound to?
I: Sh*t. Uh okay. 'Chinese Nü Yr' is Flaaffy, 'little Grids' is Quilava, my album is Mega Ampharos.

CM: Your sound is so unique and it's difficult to find other artists that are alike to you. Are there any musicians which are a reference point of inspiration to you?
I: It's weird. Like I think a year ago I would've answered that differently and namedropped a bunch of #cool #groundbreaking producers, but recently I really enjoy listening to pretty obvious people like Flying Lotus and Rustie and Hudson Mohawke. Just people who have become absolute masters of their own ideal sound. That alone is really inspiring. But I'm making music most of the day so when I do listen to something, it's usually not electronic. Soundtracks and stuff.

CM: With your sound being very unique and ahead-of-the-curve, is being innovative or forward-thinking something you strive for and feel is important?
I: Thanks! Again, I think I would've said something different this time last year. I don't really care about being cool anymore. I just wanna set big challenges for myself and try and complete them without being hospitalised.

CM: You've been very supportive of other beat-driven producers such as Mssingno and Seiho, whether it be complimenting them on Twitter or including them in your mixes. Do you feel that this is a special time for beat-orientated music?
I: Yeah I think so. I think about it a lot. If you compare what kids have been listening to for the last five years, to what they listened to for the 10 years before that, it's pretty telling. And when I say 'kids' I just mean young people who interested in cool culture. I guess this doesn't apply to niches like people who are into metal and the like, but 'cool bands' are basically a thing of the past. The NME is nothing and Pitchfork is for 30 year olds. Sure, we got a few token cool guitar people like Mac Demarco, but the average alt kid (at least here) probably listens to teamSESH rappers and Soundcloud beat shit and grime. Those examples are interchangeable every month, but I guess the important thing is that they haven't been me with guitars for a notably long ass time. Christ I sound like an i-D article. Hope ya'll get my jist. But you know, when was the last time you read the phrase 'buzz band'? Either way, Adam Harper summed it up a lot more elegantly than me.

CM: We saw you in London at Trip Kitchen & Bar and it was a very fun time, but you seem to have played live so little. Do you plan on playing more shows when the album drops?
I: Yeah like a million billion!

CM: You're quite a young guy. You were 18 when 'Chinese Nü Yr' was released. With the success of that EP both in an artistic sense and the reception it's received being what a lot of musicians who've been at it for some time, would like to accomplish, what advice would you give to anyone starting out in music?
I: Make whatever it is you feel like is missing from the musical conversation, don't run errands for anyone unless it's worth it in the long run and don't overtly bite anyone who isn't at a stable position.

CM: You're signed to Brainfeeder, Flying Lotus' label. This must've been a dream come true, how did it come about?

CM: You've collaborated with Mr Yote and did a killer remix of Abra's 'Crybaby', are there any other artists out there you'd like to work with?
I: AJ Tracey would be cool. I'm gonna try make him some beats soon.

CM: Other than your album coming out, what does 2017 have in store for Iglooghost?
I: I got tons of ideas. I hope I don't die.

Iglooghost on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/iglooghost/


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