Iggy Pop is to record a host of 'lost' Stooges songs.

The legendary singer has recently reconciled with Iggy and The Stooges guitarist James Williamson and the pair are keen to record songs they wrote together in the early 70s but never got the opportunity to record.

Iggy told BANG showbiz: "James Williamson is really hot to trot and there's a lot of old stuff that The Stooges failed to record. We wrote a load of songs that we only ever played live, so I'm looking forward to doing some studio recordings."

He also said the group, who had previously played with original guitarist Ron Asheton until his death last year, will embark on full scale touring next year.

Iggy, 62, was last week given the Living Legend award at the Marshall Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards in London, where he admitted he is now part of the 'classic' rock genre.

He said: "I snuck in first, it started about ten years ago, and The Stooges are knocking on the door now. They're putting us in in-flight magazines and what have you, so we kinda bum rushed the thing and, I guess, here we are."