Iggy Pop's new music lashes out at America.

The so-called 'Godfather of Punk', who released his fifth album 'Ready To Die' with The Stooges earlier this year, wanted to include tracks that mock his home country.

Speaking to Classic Rock magazine, he said: ''I have a pretty sarcastic feeling about the place.

''I hear all the s**t on TV and all the chitter-chatter, it just makes me crazy sometimes.''

Talking specifically about the track DD's, the rock frontman said: ''Breasts are very big in America. I mean, we have lots of big t**s, and if people don't have them they have the operation to get them.''

Despite the angst-ridden album, the 66-year-old revealed his days of behaving like an out-and-out rock star are behind him.

He joked: ''I stage-dived last year and I got hurt again. So from now on I'm more like stage-falling.''