Iggy Azalea doesn't listen to her critics.

The 32-year-old rap star has revealed that she'll do "whatever" she wants in 2023, and she won't be making any compromises for her critics.

Iggy - who was born in Australia, before moving to the US during her teens to follow her music ambitions - wrote on Twitter: "I’ve been hated for so many years

"I kinda evolved to a place where it’s legit meaningless.

"There’s an outer-body-experience level disconnect between social media opinions and my selfesteem -

"That’s why ur really gonna HATE 2023 cause I’m doing whatever I want and ur gonna be sick [laughing emoji] (sic)"

Earlier this year, meanwhile, Iggy claimed that she's in "an amazing place" in her life.

The 'Work' hitmaker revealed via social media that she's managed to "regrow" her confidence and she's "smiling bigger than ever now", after enduring a difficult few years.

Iggy's confession was prompted by a complimentary post from a Twitter follower.

The post read: "Iggy, I've been following you since 2014 and I can tell you that you seem to be much happier. I saw your smile yesterday at the show and I was like: she knows she won. Have a nice day mom! [heart emoji] (sic)"

In response, Iggy said: "Thankyou! I’m in an amazing place…

"It takes time to regrow your confidence in yourself

"but I’m smiling bigger than ever now [celebratory emoji] (sic)"

Then, Iggy jokingly added: "I would be a lot happier right now if I had a personal sized pizza in my hands. (sic)"

Iggy announced in 2021 that she was taking a break from music for "a few years" to focus on "other creative projects".

However, the rapper later confirmed her return to the music scene via a Twitter post.

Iggy wrote online: "A year ago I was willing to walk away from music because I was tired of the negative energy it attracted.

"But what I’ve learned is that even when I’m minding my business, y’all gonna be negative AND nosey.

"So if I can’t have peace, neither can you.

"I’m coming back. Cry about it. (sic)"