The Los Angeles Lakers basketball star became embroiled in a fiery dispute with a group of pals at Dave & Buster's eatery in Westchester, and video footage of the incident shows Young looking frustrated and yelling at one of his associates, saying, "It's everywhere we go, bro. It's everywhere we go". He is also seen throwing a water bottle in the man's direction.

Authorities were called to the scene to investigate the "disturbance", while a police chopper was also dispatched to hover over the area, but no arrests were made and no one was seriously injured in the fight.

Young has yet to speak out about the incident, but Azalea, who was not with her fiance on the night of the drama, has seemingly dismissed the claims of an emotional breakdown after joking about the media coverage.

In a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday (15Sep15), she writes, "Nick young goes ballistic and it involves a dinosaur, 12 clowns and a piece of french toast. I should start writing the click bait. Wait and a fleet of fighter jets. because i happened to see some today in the sky therefore they called them in for nick (sic)."