Review of El Capitan Single by Idlewild


Idlewild - El Capitan - Single Review

Idlewild - El Capitan - Single Review

El Capitan

The band that hails from bonny Scotland began the year with a series of acoustic shows around the UK.

The new single just shows how far Idlewild have come in the past nine years and is released on 11 th July. It is the third single to be taken from their new album Warnings/Promises which was released on 7 th March.

The track is quite low key with only the drums drowning out the sound of Gavin’s vocals - which I’m not saying is a good thing!

In some ways it’s similar to The Calling especially in the sense of the vocal arrangement and the genre. The song is also quite similar to something REM would do - REM fans will definitely like this one!

I hear that Idlewild are supporting those guys too - check them out at Hull, KC Stadium on the 5th July, Nottingham Forest Football Club on the 6th July and Cardiff, Millennium Stadium on the 10th July.

The song has a quite soft drum beat and gentle guitar strokes. What makes it more personal is the piano. It sounds more from the heart and like it’s actually song to you! There is a different arrangement of instruments which is great - not every band experiments with different beats!

The lyrics seem quite personal too - there is a repetition of “stand up” making this song positive yet it sounds upsetting! Also check out the acoustic version on the single - it’s wicked!

Candice Finney