Idlewild - Interview Jan 2015

05 February 2015

Interview With Idlewild Jan 2015

Interview With Idlewild Jan 2015

Idlewild return this year with their album 'Everything Ever Written'. It's their eight album and one that crosses genres from Folk to Indie then American and back again. But what is undeniably true is that it is pure Idlewild at their best, back on form and with the addition of new members Andrew Mitchell and Luciano Rossi, they're a band reborn. 

Guitarist Rod Jones answers some questions about their return and their plans for the future.

CM: How does it feel to be back?
I: Really good thanks.  Its been a couple of years we've been writing and recording but since we announced the new record and tour the support and reaction has been great.  Its not something we expected and its incredibly heartwarming to see the enthusiasm from our fans.  It really feels like a new band now, with our very talented new members Andrew and Luciano and the possibilities for the future musically are limitless and exciting.

CM: 'Everything Ever Written' is a mix of genres, if you were to sum it up as one genre though, how would you categorise it?
I: I don't think one really exists but I like the idea of "Hebridean Psychedelia"

CM: Genres aside, is there a theme to the album, if so what is it?
I: Really its about a collective of musicians rediscovering making music together and exchanging ideas.   This is reflected in the diversity and experimental nature of the album.  Lyrically I know Roddy is purposely vague so as to let the listener draw their own conclusions.

CM: You've always been a very Scottish band, what are your thoughts on September's referendum?
I: Collective disappointment on one hand as I think we all feel an opportunity was missed.  It wasn't about nationalism or separatism but just about taking control of our own local government.  It took me a while to realise this and I was a late switch to the Yes campaign but I feel I made the right decision for me.  There is a feeling of optimism in the way so many have become involved in politics and are now taking an interest in the future of the country.

CM: There are some bands now writing songs about the referendum, their thoughts, their feelings - do you feel these events moved you enough to write anything about it or do you want to stay away from politics?
I: I think very few people can write good music about politics, certainly without it becoming dated and irrelevant very quickly.  Dylan is a master at this  but maybe best leave it to him...

CM: Although you've been around for twenty years now, you never quite fitted into any one 'scene', you've always been on the fringes. How did you feel about that then and how about now?
I: It was never something we thought about really.  Being an Edinburgh band there was never a massive music scene and we just made the music we wanted to at the time and pace we wanted.  I think this is something that will never change with the band.  We have a strong identity of our own and are more comfortable with that than ever.

CM: Is there anything left you still want to achieve as a band, tour with any heroes etc?
I: I think for us its solely about making some great music.  As I said earlier we feel like a new and energised band and we have only just scratched the surface of what we can do together in this incarnation of the group.

CM: Are there any plans to play any festivals this year?
I: Certainly.  None i can mention yet but we will be doing the rounds I'm sure.  Its always a good way to play in front of a new crowd and see some other great bands.

CM: Live, what can fans expect that's different this time around?
I: Some surprises! There will of course be some songs people expect, played in the way they expect them but we have reworked a lot of our songs, old and new, and I think it will be a great and diverse show.  Lots of harmonies!

CM: Finally, what do you hope people will take away from listening to 'Everything Ever Written' (apart from loving it of course!)?
I: I suppose mainly I'd hope that they are drawn into the album and listen to it as a whole which is somewhat of a rarity these days.  Its a very diverse album and takes a few twists and turns but it feels like it tells a story to me now and points towards the future.

Everything Ever Written is released via Empty Words on February 16th 2015.

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