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Idiot Pilot
"Strange We Should Meet Here"

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Idiot Pilot Strange We Should Meet Here Album

Idiot Pilot are a duo with two very easily defined roles within the band. Michael Harris' role, as they put it on their site, is "pretty vocals", while Daniel Anderson specialises in "non-pretty vocals" – which is a rather eloquent way to say screaming. Anderson is very much the mastermind behind it all, also providing guitar, bass, piano, and programming on a record that is also produced by the twosome.

Starting in somewhat subdued fashion; "Losing Colour" becomes a grand mixture of crunching guitars and electronic touches that never really gets going. "A Day In The Life Of A Poolshark" is just as bizarre, built on an electronic riff that sounds like it's come from an infant's toy. It's actually quite soothing until the violent screaming of in the chorus, which is also apparent on the excellent "Open Register". The surprising appearance of an acoustic guitar makes for a soothing and charming track, but Idiot Pilot go from good to bad by following it with "Les Lumieres", a dance record with rubbish effects aplenty. The next few tracks are, unfortunately, equally unimpressive, "The Violent Tango" which is a hybrid of metal and chill-out – the results are as daft as the concept.

The album's title track is another to harness electronics for a relaxing atmosphere, and it is complimented by Harris' smooth vocals. It's a decent song that even Anderson's shouting don't spoil, and it's a combination used again on "Militance Prom", a slow-burner that impresses given a number of listens. Regrettably for the duo, the album is far from cohesive. Credit to Idiot Pilot for being inventive and experimental, but more often than not their ideas don't quite work.

Alex Lai

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