Idina Menzel's son ''doesn't feel the need'' to follow in the footsteps of his parents.

The 'Frozen 2' star has 10-year-old Walker with her ex-husband Taye Diggs, who has said the youngster isn't bothered about following his parents into a career in show business, as he's much more interested in sports.

Taye said: ''He doesn't feel the need to follow in our footsteps. He's doing all this stuff that I didn't get a chance to. He's a really great athlete. He plays basketball every day and when he's not playing basketball, he's running around throwing a football.''

The 'All American' star - who split from Idina, 49, in 2014 - also said it's been ''very refreshing'' to be able to watch his son follow different passions.

He added: ''He gets to watch us do what we do and we get to watch him do what we never could. So that's been very, very refreshing.''

Taye, also 49, and Idina have been co-parenting their son since they ended their 11-year marriage, and the actor admitted they've had ''a very easy time'' when it comes to splitting parenting duties.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, he explained: ''We have a very easy time, I think. We never make a wrong step because we're always thinking of Walker first. We both love Walker and want what's best for him. I think once you do that, it allows for things to be a little bit easier.''

Meanwhile, Idina - who is now married to Aaron Lohr - recently said she's ''learned'' to put her family first.

The 'Uncut Gems' actress said: ''I'm a great mom, friend, wife and daughter. I'm a good actress. I don't always have to sing. We as women are so many things. We don't need to label ourselves ... That's when I learned to put my family first.

''It's actually a relief not to be the centre of attention. You get to focus on this little boy who needs you. If my son is sick the night before I have to perform and I want to snuggle next to him when he has a fever, I might get sick. I might not be able to hit the high note that day. That's a compromise I'm willing to make. Then I get onstage, lower my expectations and actually hit that note even better because I took the pressure off.

''In this business you can be so self-absorbed. That's why you've got to have real friends and family around you, telling you you're being a pain in the butt. For me, being a parent really helped me get outside myself and see what was important in the world.''