Idina Menzel's ex-boyfriend almost abandoned her in Paris.

The 51-year-old actress went on her "first romantic vacation" with an old boyfriend in her 20s and revealed that they fought so much in the French capital that he almost split up with her but they eventually returned home together.

Speaking on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', she said: "When I was like 25 I went on my first kind of grown-up romantic vacation and we went to Paris but he almost left me there, just in front of this restaurant because I was driving him crazy. I remember thinking 'This is Paris!' Every time we would fight about something, I just thought 'You can't fight in Paris' and it got just got worse and worse. He kept me around though. I don't know, he was so Type A and I'm a creative. He was so in his head and was a lawyer-type. I hope he's not watching!"

Meanwhile, the 'Disenchanted' star - who has 13-year-old son Walker with ex-husband Taye Diggs but is now married to Aaron Lohr - is starring in new documentary 'Which Way To The Stage?' and while it was initially meant to document her 2018 tour, it ended up showing her "crazy mom" story as she unsuccessfully attempted to have IVF treatment.

She said: "I found out I was playing Madison Square Garden at the end of 16 or 17 shows and growing up in Long Island , that was the place to play in New York. So, I documented it and I had all this great footage and I thought it would be like a 'road to the garden' story but it ended up being a mom going crazy story.

"It was like, career, working mom trying to get back for trick-or-treating and basketball games and I was doing IVF at the time. I was late in the game, I have my beautiful little son but in my 40s I tried. It didn't work out but I tried hard and I was doing it.

"On the morning of Madison Square Garden, I had to go to the doctor and check my hormones and do all this stuff. So the documentary ended up being less about a girl trying to have a great rock concert at MSG and more about me just trying to live my life."

'Idina Menzel: Which Way to the Stage?' is streaming on Disney+ from December 9.