Has there ever been a more worthy candidate for one of Disney's legendary 'On-Ice' transformations than the life-affirming musical, Frozen? The joyful movie, which stormed the box office over the Christmas period and earned itself two Oscars along the way, is reportedly set to receive a magical makeover and be turned into a live show involving ice skating actors performing the musical numbers.

Frozen Movie
Disney's 'Frozen' Is To Join The Studios' Other 'On Ice' Transformations.

Already in line for a Broadway makeover, the highest grossing animated picture of all time has proved to be extremely lucrative for the studios with a number one soundtrack and seemingly endless merchandise on sale. The sixth biggest box office hit in the history of cinema, the wintery tale has generated approximately $1.3bn in worldwide box office sales.

Disney will apparently be once again teaming up Feld Entertainment, which has produced Disney on Ice tours since 1981, to plan a big production for Frozen on Ice that will boast 39 cast members and require 9 tractor trailers to cart all its sets and costumes around, according to the NY Times.

Watch the 'Frozen' trailer here.

The newspaper speculates that the speedy rate at which a staged ice show has been prepared represents a race to take advantage of the film's popularity before children move on to another franchise.

"This is definitely up there in terms of our top, probably, five franchises," Robert A. Iger, Disney's chief executive, told analysts earlier this month in response to questions about how long "Frozen" fever could last. "So you can expect us to take full advantage of that over the next five years, I would guess."

Disney Frozen
The Studios Is Racing To Capitalise On The Movie's Runaway Success With Stage & 'On Ice' Shows.

A stage resembling a six-sided snowflake and huge video projection panels on which the intimidating North Mountains can be projected have been promised for the upcoming shows. Additionally, Children in the audience will be treated to their own blizzards with 20 snow machines that will bring Idina Menzel's character Elsa's wintry powers into reality.

Hear the number one 'Frozen' hit 'Let It Go' here.

In total, Disney on Ice will have six different shows touring the United States for the 2014-15 season, including Frozen, whilst nine skating shows will tour overseas.

Frozen On Ice
The Movie Has Become The Highest-Grossing Animation Of All Time.

Patty Vincent, the director of Frozen on Ice, has praised animator John Lasseter and the film's directors and producers' input towards the show: "Their input has been extraordinarily helpful as we try to exceed the very high fan expectations," she said, adding "They helped us with Elsa's style of movement - balletic, vertical - and how it differs from Anna, who is more playful and horizontal."

Frozen on Ice will premiere in September in Orlando, Florida, before it begins touring. Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday.

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