Frozen is the movie phenomenon no one could have realistically predicted. Since the film’s release, Frozen fever has seemingly taken over the world, no one is safe, no matter what age you are. Love it or loathe it, the movie which has made Disney princess’ relevant again, is now deeply engrained in our pop culture. Fed up dads, look-a-likes, ‘Let it Go’ covers, Frozen, you’ve got a lot to answer for.


1. We’re calling our daughters Elsa and Anna

Expecting a baby girl? Want to name her after one of your new favourite Disney characters? Well don’t because you’ve already been beaten to it. has reported a surge of popularity for the names Elsa and Anna since the release of Frozen. Elsa in particular has had a remarkable rise in the past few months, experiencing a 34 percent rise in popularity. Now what about Olaf for a boy?

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2. Everyone’s visiting Norway!

Norway’s picturesque landscapes provided the inspiration for Arendelle, Frozen’s mythical setting and it seems fans can't wait to check out the real thing. According to Flight Tracker, searches for flights to Norway are up 153 percent, and hotel stays increased 37 percent in the first quarter of 2014 alone. Of course Disney have been quick to cash in and their 2015 Frozen-inspired cruise to Norway is now almost fully booked.

3. Meet Anna Faith Carlson

She’s the 18 year model from Florida who bares a striking resemblance to Elsa and everyone on Instagram knows about it. It all started when Anna first watched the movie last December and noticed her resemblance to the Disney princess, "Every time I watch [the movie], it's weird because it's like I'm watching myself. It's kind of creepy,” she told the Orlando Sentinel. Now Anna makes the best possible use of her unique claim to fame by dressing up in full Elsa garb and visiting sick children in hospital, all the while trying to land some acting gigs.

4. Yes a couple are getting divorced over Frozen

For one Japanese wife, her obsession with Frozen left her heading for the divorce court, after her husband decided he “didn't really care” for the film. Writing on a Japanese marriage advice forum, the man said that his wife told him, ”If you can't understand what makes this movie great, there's something wrong with you as a human being!” Guess it’s now really time for someone to let it go.

5. Everyone wants to ‘Let it Go’

Frozen is not just a movie phenomenon it's a musical one too, with the film’s soundtrack riding high on the Billboard charts for the past eight months. Elsa’s anthem ‘Let it Go’ has become the movie’s breakout hit, with everyone and their mother having a go at their own rendition. Trying searching for the song on Youtube and you’ll see just how far the Frozen epidemic has gone. But the most surprising cover came from grunge favourites Pearl Jam, who sampled the song during a gig in Milan last month. Actually that one’s pretty good.

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6. ‘Once Upon A Time’ is getting Frozen

Yes Frozen is set to become the latest ‘fairytale’ to make an appearance in Storybrooke, in ‘Once Upon A Time’s’ fourth season. Kristoff, Anna and Elsa will all be making an appearance and 'Reckless' star Georgina Haig has just cast as the icy princess (sorry Anna Faith Carlson).


7. Spare a thought for the dads

While it might have been a hit among all ages, imagine being the parents of young children caught up in a Frozen frenzy. Well two dads, Ryan O'Quinn and Todd Wilkerson, have decided to spoof all the wonderful stages a parent goes through while dealing with their child’s new obsession in a very funny Youtube video. "And I know somewhere Walt Disney is smiling in his grave. 'Cause while I'm filling up his pockets, while I'm driving up his profits. He’s driving me insane!,” they sing. Yes, we hear you guys.