Ice-T can't see the point in life without sex.

The 62-year-old actor and rapper - who has children LeTesha, 44, and Ice, 27, from previous relationships and four-year-old Chanel with wife Coco Austin - insisted his advancing age doesn't mean he's slowing down in the bedroom and he credits his active lovemaking sessions for inspiring ''everything''.

He told Metal Hammer: ''I just turned 62 and I'm still knocking it out the park. I can still make a baby through a brick wall.

''Once you stop having sex, I don't know what the reason is to be alive. To me, it's the energy that drives life and inspires everything else.''

However, the 'Cop Killer' hitmaker admitted he and Coco need to make ''special arrangements'' to get intimate because they share their bed with Chanel and their two dogs.

He said: ''It's cute and funny because we're all romping around the bed. But at the same time, it's frustrating because we have to make special arrangements to have any kind of sex.''

And the bedroom isn't the only place where Chanel has impacted on the couple's sex life because she's also taken over their giant indoor Jacuzzi with her pool toys.

Ice added: ''My buddies told me, if you didn't have a baby, that pool would get somebody pregnant.

''But now, with Chanel here, we fill it up and it's like a mini swimming pool, so even though it's too cold to use the outdoor pool, we can still hang out in the family tub.''

The family's home used to have two guest bedrooms, but they've now turned into giant closets for Coco - and Ice is delighted because it means they don't have to invite people to stay.

He said: ''It's cool 'cos now when we have guests, there's no room for them so they have to stay in a hotel.''

The couple don't invite friends over very often because Ice isn't very sociable.

He admitted: ''I grew up around so many people at all times, now I like privacy.

''I probably won't have anybody over here for a couple of weeks But I don't do social things.

''I don't drink, I don't smoke weed. So what the f**k are we going to do? Know what I'm saying? I don't have social engagements I play video games.''