Ice T and Coco Austin will share the ''juicy details'' of her pregnancy on their new talk show.

The 36-year-old glamour model and her 57-year-old rapper husband are expecting their first child together and fans will get to feel involved in the blonde beauty's pregnancy by tuning in to 'Ice & Coco'.

Coco said: ''[We'll share] all the juicy details: How far along I am, the gender.''

And fans at the taping of the show on July 24 were among the first to hear the couple's happy news.

Coco said: ''It was a really awesome moment. I cried. It was a nice feeling to know that the world knows and I don't have to hide it.''

Despite learning her blood pressure was too high to conceive in 2012, Coco - who subsequently got her health under control - found it ''shockingly easy'' to get pregnant.

She said: ''It wasn't a big deal. It was actually shocking how easily it happened. It's beautiful how life actually works. Now that I have a little thing inside of me moving around, it's amazing.''

Coco and Ice - who has two adult children from previous relationships - had kept the news under wraps for some time.

Speaking on New York City's Fox 5 News, Coco said: ''I've been pregnant for a while, but we've been holding it between us for some time.