Actor Ian Somerhalder has appealed to fans for donations to achieve his dream of setting up an animal sanctuary.
The Vampire Diaries star wants to develop the centre through his non-profit eco organisation the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (Isf) in a bid to assist children with behavioural issues.
He needs to raise $5 million (£3.1 million) to build the sanctuary, which will help troubled kids learn to co-operate with their peers by handling animals - and he's called on his fans to raise the necessary funds.
A post on his website reads, "We believe in the understanding that all living creatures deserve dignity, love, compassion and the right to life. If you support this understanding as well, and you see the potential in bringing together kids and bullies into an environment where their hearts can grow and flourish, we need your support to make this happen.
"Please help us create the funds necessary to establish this haven. We plan to responsibly raise five million dollars towards this goal - we promise to keep you informed on the amount we raise."