When 22.06.2013

Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Nicholas Hoult get sentimental at an 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Q & A session at Comic-Con in San Diego. Director Bryan Singer and other members of the cast such as Ellen Page, Halle Berry, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence also talked about their happiness being back on the set.

'These things have a strange life because you start out and it could just be a movie and that's it but then it develops its own lifeforce', Patrick explains. 'The best part of this movie has been, for me, knowing that at an earlier time in my life I was James McAvoy.' Ian McKellen also talks about his feelings on being in a 'classic' film franchise. 'These stories so need to be told, that's what I like about the X-Men. This aren't casual movies, these aren't summer vacation movies, they're classics and to be allowed to be associated with them is a genuine honour', he says. Nicholas Hoult adds, 'It's very exciting and nice to be back with everyone and to have some new friends.'


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