Review of Look Inside (Concept) Album by Ian Davis

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Ian Davis - Look Inside (Concept) - Album Review

Ian Davis

Look Inside


This Practicing policeman continues the laudable aim of keeping the peace via the production of heartfelt and honest songs, built around the fulcrum of summery instrumentals. Funky Dave Gahan like vocals will captivate the listener, as this soulful songster tells tales of the harshness of life such as in ‘No More’ and ‘Blue’. Through gloomy topics Davis always highlights the element of hope and gives a

Ian Davis - Look Inside (Concept) - Album Review

positive edge to some of the songs. For example; ‘Cloudy’ speaks out about how love can propel the spirit of an individual in otherwise dull surroundings;

“Even after bitter tears my love is still true.

Cloudy afternoon; you’ll be there soon, she smiled a hole inside of me.”

The piercing piano fuelled; “Look Inside” is a heart rending, romantic number that proffers the view that it takes two people to make one person complete. This number is an unashamed and proud display of romantic lyrics that are a must note down for wannabe Romeos and, is reminiscent of Ian Mcculloch’s solo offerings. The sprightly electro flavoured; “I Don’t Know’ brings out the daring side in Davis and gives this 10 track offering that touch of boldness.

David Adair