Review of Who Killed Harry Houdini? Album by I'm From Barcelona

Who Killed Harry Houdini? album review from I'm From Barcelona released through Mute.

I'm From Barcelona Who Killed Harry Houdini? Album

Not short of a lyrical turn or two (".feelings, you're wearing them like earrings."), I'm From Barcelona make Beach Boys-esque indieasylistening, in the vein of The Shins or the lighter moments of Flaming Lips. Who Killed Harry Houdini? sees the merry gang (and it's a hell of a gang - 29 members and counting) churn out more verse-chorus-verse-chorus specials.

It's all harmless fun and it will probably prompt a bout or two of handclapping and tambourine-shaking, but it's not breaking any ground. There is just enough diversity between the tracks to keep a disinterested listener plugged in, but there's nothing fiery enough to leave an imprint in the memory.

Hayley Avron

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