Review of Lovers' Requiem Album by I Am Ghost

I Am Ghost
Lovers' Requiem
Album Review

I Am Ghost Lovers' Requiem Album

Where does confidence come from? On the evidence of this album, somewhere near Southern California, and So-Cal band I Am Ghost. From the opening baroque monastic chant through Goth-y metallic thrash and emo/ skater punk, the energy doesn't ever let up, and nor does the assured poise. Fans of bands like My Chemical Romance and AFI will know what to expect - stellar guitar work (good old fashioned Iron Maiden-like metal leads), male-female lead vocals and songs that seem all anthemic chorus and brief interludes rather than traditional verses. Wrapped up in vampiric imagery, the hardcore is still present from earlier releases, but the ethereal goth chants and intertwined guitar leads are upgraded and embraced. Almost the perfect Hallowe'en album, even if the spookiness seems more Buffy than Edgar Allen Poe.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea