Review of Revolve Single by Hush The Many

Hush The Many (Heed The Few)
Single Review

Hush The Many Revolve Single

Hush The Many are rapidly losing their status as indie-folk's best-kept secret as the mainstream press pick up on the brilliant noises from the outer reaches. And with good reason - 'Revolve' is very much so brilliant noises from the outer reaches, building from slow chamber wisps to an unstoppable orchestral crescendo in a little under four minutes. Opening with a lyric perched tantalisingly on the cusp of obliqueness ("The wires made the circuit, that's that / it sparked the wheel in motion that sped / but some things came full circle") helps draw the listener in to seek answers, while an almost-constant tempo increase throughout the song gives an undeniable sense of a wheel or system creaking up and cranking up to an incontrollable and devastating speed. With dovetailing boy-girl vocals from Nima and Brown whispering, yearning, keening as the sweetest cake-topping cherry, this is as strong a debut single as you'll find this year. Stunning.

Owen Lloyd

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