Review of Quick the word, Sharp the Action Album by hundred Reasons

Review of hundred Reasons album Quick the word, Sharp the Action.

hundred Reasons Quick the word, Sharp the Action Album

I've been a fan of Hundred Reasons for some years now, since buying their first studio album 'Ideas Above Our Station' back in 2002. Since then, they've been steadily churning out some good music and adding to a repertoire of singles that can take the flesh from your face and make you want to dance like you're barefoot on fresh lava.

Once I've unlocked my dancing beast, I enjoy letting him run riot awhile, alas on this occasion, he was left unsatisfied. Dancing beast returned to his cage and quietly sat down and yawned. I often feel that with Hundred Reasons, there is a chip pan fire flash of genius and I get that bubbling in my stomach that only the best Emo Rock can provide, but then the energy seems to drift off and I'm left in the sea of mediocrity with naught but the damp memory and the skip button on my remote control.

The Album 'Quick the Word, Sharp the Action' conforms to this same standard. It was initially released back in 2007, but has recently resurfaced in the form of a Digipack with four extra tracks bolted onto the end. These include Stalemate (first heard on Gran Turismo 4), Punctuality's Greatest Enemy, A Little Way Back and The Prance. The final two songs are remixes, which in my opinion leads to the album sounding a little monotonous.

I found this album a bit of a let down when it was first released as I thought the riffs were unimaginative and the vocals were lacking in the energy that I need to power me through the next cup of tea/chocolate digestive combo. The 4 extra tracks and the sweet looking Digipack sleeve raise the appeal slightly, as the bonus tracks are worth a listen too, but the words were too slow and the actions too blunt for my liking.

Rating 5/10

Pablo Roffey

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