It looks like the guy who made the X-Rated tape featuring Hulk Hogan available for the world to cringe at has made himself known, and it turns out he is a former employee of radio DJ and best friend of Hogan, Bubba the Love Sponge, whose ex-wife is believed to be the mystery brunette in the tape.

According to a number of online sources, the man in question is an unpaid former Sirius XM Radio staff member who used to work with Bubba. Bubba is thought to have released the tape as ‘payback’ after the DJ walked out on his role on the station to return to terrestrial radio in December 2010. As a result of Bubba’s jumping ship, the unnamed man and a number of other workers were left jobless and without pay, so he decided that it was payback time once he got hold of the tape.

Further sources have since come forward in light of the tape’s airing, not only to confirm the identity of the brunette, but also to admit that she had a long history of obsession towards the wrestling legend. Allegedly, the woman in the video, Heather Clem, only got together with Bubba so that she could get close to Hulk. Clem apparently had a long-term obsession with Hulk and had long wanted to not only get him in-between her legs, but film the conquest for her own personal pleasure, according to a report from Daily Mail.

Hulk has recently admitted on a number of platforms, including on The Today Show, that he had no idea that the encounter was being filmed and that the idea that one of his closest friends had potentially tried to profit from his own shame had made him “sick to [his] stomach.”