Hulk Hogan has appeared in a promotional ad for his new web hosting company Hostamania. Riding on the wave of popular culture, the wrestler chose to parody pop star Miley Cyrus' controversial 'Wrecking Ball' video by swinging in on his own concrete pendulum. The ad many only be a minute long but it packs enough weird and "WTF?" moments as Miley's Terry Richardson-directed music video.

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan Takes It Up A Notch Of Weird.

Short of getting naked and running his tongue over a sledgehammer, Hogan swings by to kick a guy in the face. the clip starts with a techie guy scribbling with Crayolas in a Hulk Hogan colouring book before receiving an alert for "200,000,000 HOSTING ORDERS." The guy ignores the screen and goes back to his snacks and colouring but is faced with an upside down guy in a vest who appears to the sound of bongos drums. The mysterious stranger bites a crayon in half much to our techie's disgruntlement.

Hulk Hogan Fan Expo
The Ad Is To Promote New Web Hosting Company, Hostamania.

Who should then appear? Why, only Hulk Hogan himself, swinging in on a wrecking ball dressed in red and yellow tights, a yellow vest and what looks like a feather boa. He boots the upside down guy in the face with a roar, leaving the dude out cold. Hogan then celebrates his errr...victory by swinging round on the ball whilst wearing a black thong a little too gleefully for our liking. Heavy rock music plays and the fallen man spits out a crayon. As Hulk cackles gruffly, the slogan "Hostmania" appears on screen with a whip-cracking sound and Hulk chuckles "Brother!"

Watch The Ad Right Here [Check Out Hulk Hogan's Boots!]:

Though the 60 year-old professional wrestler shows his cheeky and surreal sense of humour iin the advert, he has previously said that in a biopic about his life, he'd like a serious actor, such as Rush's Chris Hemsworth, to play him, via USA Today. "We need a serious, serious actor that knows what he's doing," stated Hogan.

Apparently, a biopic is indeed in the works and the man himself has already approved a four-page treatment. Let's hope there'll be no more nether region grinding on that poor wrecking ball. It used to be a hard worker on a construction site and now this? Where's the union support for this kind of industry abuse?