Hulk Hogan's daughter knows her father made some ''really bad choices''.

The 62-year-old professional wrestler was sacked from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) when an eight-year-old recording of him using a racial slur to describe 27-year-old Brooke's then-boyfriend surfaced.

She said: ''What he said was not right, but I know that's not who he is. He has told me that he made some really bad choices, but that it never changed that I was his baby girl and he loved me and be would lost without his kids.

''Maybe the positive of this whole situation is shedding light on the need to eliminate hateful words from our vocabulary altogether.''

And Hulk - real name: Terry Bollea - has admitted it was ''one huge mistake'' to say what he did but says the word was common-placed during his childhood days in Port Tampa, Florida.

He explained: ''We are all products of our environment. If you lived in South Tampa then, you greeted your friends with the n-word, or if you were mad at your friends, you used the n-word. It was a part of my daily environment.

''As soon as I broke out of that environment - that small fish bowl - and became the Hulk Hogan wrestling star, the rest of the world wasn't like the place I grew up. I realised right away that I had to reeducate myself.

''When you inherit something that is passed on generation to generation to generation, it becomes a practice. You have to be aware of it. I realised this behaviour and this type of verbiage is unacceptable. So for me to digress and say something so foul is devastating.''

And Terry hopes the incident will be turned into something positive and teach others the word isn't acceptable.

He added to PEOPLE magazine: ''[The day the tape was released, it was] the worst day of my life to the best day of my life.

''It's taken this huge burden off my shoulders because behind this dark cloud is going be this huge shiny lesson, and I'm going to help people with this. I've always known that I wasn't put on this world just to be a wrestler.''