Hulk Hogan has described himself as a "meat suit filled with the spirit of Christ".

The WWE Hall of Famer, whose real name is Terry Bollea, has insisted his persona away from the ring is a vessel for his faith in God and Jesus Christ, particularly after the wrestling icon got baptised aged 70 at the Indian Rocks Baptist Church in Largo, Florida late last year.

Appearing on CBN Sports, he said: "That God presence in us, that still small voice.

"What Terry brings to the table is a meat suit filled with the spirit of Christ, and it's a testing ground.

"I accepted Christ as my Saviour when I was 14, but I derailed, it wasn't my life. I was given the opportunity to prove that I'm faithful, and I'll never make those same mistakes again."

The former world champion admitted that throughout his career in wrestling, he would sometimes feel drained by the desire to get approval from the fans.

Explaining his outlook, he added: "Well, 35 years of wrestling I still had that bug in me where I liekd to see if I was getting approved...

The look that I gave got a better reaction than the wrestling move."

Hogan admitted that his character "launched him into this crazy genre" where the performer, the man and the persona all blended into one.

However, he has made sure to find a separation between them, particularly when it comes to his home life.

He said: "The moment I come home, the headband comes off the bald head, and it's just Terry - dad, father, husband, friend."

At his house, he has no wrestling memorabillia around, but he claimed the second he steps out of the front door, he has to put on a front.

he pondered: "I have no wreslting pictures in my house, no wresting belts. I'm just Terry.

"The problem is, the moment I leave the house, the world doesn't want Terry.

"The mailman goes, 'Hey Hulk!' So instead of saying, 'Good morning sir,' I go, 'Hey brother, how are you doing?' "