Hulk Hogan must wear a ''plain'' bandana in court.

The 61-year-old wrestler has been granted permission to wear his trademark headwear during his upcoming sex tape trial against website Gawker, but he must be referred to by his real name, Terry Gene Bollea, Judge Pamela Campbell ruled on Monday (27.06.15).

The judge warned: ''This is not going to be a carnival.

''There will be judicial serenity and calm, to which the parties are entitled.''

The WWE legend is seeking $100 million in damages from the website after they published a brief, grainy clip of him having sex with Heather Cole, the then wife of his ex-best friend Bubba 'The Love Sponge' Clem.

The wrestler argues the site violated his privacy because he was unaware he was being videoed, and that the clip was not newsworthy at the time it was made public.

However, legal representatives for Gawker insist he has talked openly and in detail about his sex life for several years, so the tape was a matter of public concern.

Lawyers acting for the sporting favourite have asked for the tape not to be shown to reporters and members of the public during the two-week trial, a request opposed by a number of media outlets.

As well as taking action against Gawker, Hogan had named Bubba and Heather in his lawsuit, claiming they knew the recording was being made.

However, he settled the case with his former friend a few weeks afterwards and he recently settled with Heather meaning Gawker is the sole adversary in the grappler's case.

The trial between Hogan and Gawker begins in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Monday (05.07.15).