Hulk Hogan says using a racial slur to describe his daughter's ex boyfriend was the ''stupidest thing I've ever done''.

The legendary wrestler was sacked by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in July after a controversial audio clip, recorded eight years ago, leaked of him repeatedly using the N-word and Hulk still regrets his outburst.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: ''It's like what The Rock says, 'Everyone talks smack once in a while'. I was in a bad place, in a bad situation and I was 'talking smack'.

''It doesn't even matter that I was saying it in private. I should never have said it and I feel horrible for it. It was the stupidest thing I've ever done.''

Hulk acknowledges that the WWE were just ''doing what was best for their business'' by cutting ties with him but he praised his fans for standing by him.

He said: ''The fans know me, they're loyal. No matter what I have been through, the good the bad, they've been there for 30 years.

''Everyone knee-jerk reacted and kind of went crazy. Then they went, 'Wait a minute, we know who this guy is', and they thought about it and saw what the situation was.

''They went, 'Wait a minute, he said this where? And it was in private? And it was eight years ago? I haven't changed the way I feel about Hulk Hogan, he's just made a huge mistake and he's very upset about it'.''

And despite everything, Hulk, 62, insisted he would love to end his career with WWE.

He explained to ''There's a lot of wrestling opportunities out there. WWE would be a great place to end my career.

''Everything would have to be very calculated.

''I'd want to go out there one last time to have fun. It would have to be something I'd really have to have a handle on, because I can't afford any more downtime or surgery.''