When 14.09.2012

Hugh Laurie and Catherine Keener talk kissing and music during a press junket at New York's Crosby Hotel for their hilarious new movie 'The Oranges'. Hugh, 53, is asked why his onscreen kiss with 26-year-old Leighton Meester has been made into a 'big thing' in America. 'I don't know the answer to that not having seen the kiss itself', he said. 'Is it shocking?' But Catherine chimes in that she's used to seeing that kind of age gap in LA: 'It's pretty much the norm there.'

Hugh also mentions how he had a piano with him on the set which he practised during filming breaks. 'When I felt confident and happy I turned it up, and when I felt sad and unsure of myself I turned it down', he explained and also revealed that he plans to record an album at the end of the year.


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