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Does that comment mean he's awful in a sexy way, or does it mean he's sexy in an awful way?Hmmm....I admire Hugh Laurie very much and was "introduced" to him by my brother,who got me into 'Jeeves&Wooster' several years ago.At that time 'House' had only been on for two years or so, when I was going through a severe hypomanic episode, and NOTHING could make me laugh or even smile. Hugh did.I eventualy felt compelled to view as much as posible of his work and also to learn about his life.But sometimes I feel disgusted at many of the comments "fans" say and make about him. He's a very real PERSON, not an object; and not merely a one-dimensional "sexy" toy.Granted, he's not horible to look at,however...Grow up,kids. I cant imagine how dificult it would be to have to deal with so much superficiality around me from most(but probably not all) admirers. And also from co-workers in a movie?! Please...

Posted 10 years 4 months ago by Vikkie Kinder

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I love Huge. I think he is so sexy. I would love to meet him. I think he has the humor that i adore. he is a great actor and i enjoy watching him, but to further display how great he is, i had no clue of his accent, which by the is so awesome and makes him even more sexy. I do wonder if that is his sense of humor off film. hope it is. It is sexy.

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by kajundiva

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Hugh, You give me something to look forward to every tuesday night.. I have never been this interested in a show before! You are so sexy and fun to watch it gives me chills!Keep rocking!

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by lorialmond

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The show is brilliant and they couldn't have chosen a better actor than Hugh Laurie. He's gorgeous, and has a voice that I could listen to for DAYS.... just reading the ingredients off the back of food items. "Mmm... green beans..." Anyway, the show HOUSE M.D. is a keeper.

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by tankgirl190

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Has this gone through?

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by hughfan123

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I am a great fan of Hugh Laurie, especially in his portrayal of Gregory House, in House, M.D. on Fox. I would like to be able to contact him to write him a letter to applaud him in his success, and to express my admiration of his portrayal of a complicated character, much like my own personal character, that faces, or has faced, many of the medical issues that confront his medical character daily. Unfortunately, most series I become hooked on are complicated,conceptually, and are cancelled, due to poor ratings. I hope this is not the case with this series. Good luck, Mr. Laurie, and be true, but, not unwelcome to change, in your character. Jennifer

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by hughfan123

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