When 05.05.2013

'X-Men' star Hugh Jackman talks about his new movie 'The Wolverine' in a Twitter chat. He answers questions about the best things about playing the character, how much training goes into it and the sort of action we can expect to see.

'He is, to me, the most badass comic book character out there', he says. 'It's really fun playing the toughest guy in the yard.' He explains that a lot of training goes into preparing for the role. 'I basically work out for three hours a day', he reveals. 'But the most important thing about the training is the eating.' He mentions that the movie explores different parts of Wolverine's character: 'For many of the movies, we concentrate on his lack of memory and in this movie we really concentrate on his immortality and the implications of that and what the future means for someone like Wolverine.' As for the Japan action? 'I'm just gonna say two words: bullet train', he says.


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