Hugh Jackman is receiving a hammering in the American tabloids by the mother of his adopted child - because he's allegedly failing to update her with her son's progress.

The 35-year-old X-MEN star and his actress wife Deborra-lee Furness adopted baby OSCAR in 2000, promising his birth mother Amber Sanders they'd keep her up-to-date with her boy's life.

But Sanders claims she hasn't received a photo from the Aussie couple for three years and has no way of getting in touch with the actor.

Angry Sanders says, "Now the only time I see pictures of my son is when he's photographed with Hugh in magazines."

The disappointed mum tells America's NATIONAL ENQUIRER, "Hugh and Deborra promised me that, if I let them adopt my baby, they'd keep in regular touch on his progress.

"When Oscar was one, they sent a beautiful set of photos. Since then, they haven't sent one single photo."

07/05/2004 09:48