Hugh Jackman wouldn't be able to cope if he was involved in a ''scandal''.

The much-loved actor has admitted he doesn't face the same ''issues'' that ''a lot of very famous people'' endure when it comes to being criticised online or hounded by paparazzi.

And as a result, Hugh doesn't think he'd be very good at handling the pressure of scrutiny if he was ever involved in his own scandalous situation.

He told Australian outlet News Corp: ''I don't think I'd be very good with scandal. I think if I did get into trouble, I would not have a cool head about it.

''And look, I don't get hassled a lot by paparazzi, and I certainly don't live behind a big, high wall in a secluded way. I just never had the issues that a lot of very famous people have.''

The 'Greatest Showman' star is unlikely to ever get himself into a scandal involving his wife Deborra-Lee Furness - with whom has children Oscar, 19, and Ava, 14 - because the pair have been a tight knight couple for 25 years.

Hugh, 51, recently revealed the key to their two and half decades of love has been ''making time for each other'', and reminding themselves why they fell for one another in the first place.

The 'Logan' actor explained: ''We're always learning and humans change so you have to, even though we've been together 25 years, you gotta reset all the time. I'm always reeling in how funny she is and how amazing she is and how smart she is. The longer it goes on the better it gets.''

Hugh also said he and his wife had made a pact early on in their relationship to always check in with one another when their lives reached a ''crossroads''.

He explained: ''Before we had kids, Deb and I made a pretty simple but powerful choice to look each other in the eye at every crossroads in life.

''Those crossroads are sometimes big, sometimes they're small, sometimes you don't even realise they're crossroads until you look back.

''But at those moments, we said we'd ask each other, 'Is this good or bad for our marriage?' Or, now that we've got kids, 'Is this good or bad for our family?'''