It seemed like a reasonable idea to Reteam Hugh Grant and Marc Lawrence, who worked so successfully together on Two Weeks' Notice and Music & Lyrics. Their latest collaboration, The Rewrite, follows similar tropes explored in the Drew Barrymore movie and for the most part, it works really well.

Hugh GrantHugh Grant in 'The Rewrite'

Grant plays screenwriter Keith Michaels, a Golden Globe winner with a hit movie to is name, a beautiful wife and, of course, an inexhaustible supply of charm. However, fast-forward fifteen years and Keith is divorced, broke and hasn't written a hit movie in years. When his agent lands him a job teaching screenwriting in a sleepy town in Binghampton, Keith dedicates more time to writing his new script, before meeting a single mum working two jobs to earn her degree.

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"It would be easy to dismiss this as a plastic Hugh Grant rom-com but it has enough smarts, laughs and feel for its likeable characters to make it worth your while," said Ian Freer of Empire magazine.

"A rom-com that makes a virtue of it's low-key, indie sensibility. It's also very funny," said Tim Evans of Sky Movies.

The Rewrite Hugh GrantHugh Grant, as charming and witty as ever in 'The Rewrite'

"An entertaining comedy with a nicely delivered message about second chances," said Matthew Turner of The List.

"Hugh Grant is still funny ... when he's allowed to be," said Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian, adding, "...the opening is great: including a hilarious and toe-curling scene in which Keith gets drunk at a faculty party and insults a haughty Jane Austen scholar, played by Allison Janney."

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Meanwhile, Grant has played down the possibility of replacing Daniel Craig as Bond. "I do bring a natural menace to the screen so I've always been surprised that they never offered me the part [of Bond] and never offered me other action roles," he told the Independent, ironically.

The Rewrite is out in the UK today (October 10, 2014).

Watch The Rewrite trailer: