Hugh Grant's daughter's name means Happy Accident.

Despite reports claiming the tot - who was born in September following the actor's brief fling with Chinese actress Tinglan Hong - had been called Jessica, Tinglan's ex-boyfriend has now revealed she has been given a traditional Chinese moniker, with the English translation referring to her unplanned arrival.

Her mother has also given her the unusual nickname of 'Bamboo', which she is now known as.

Businessman Robert Hodge said: "She told me when Hugh is in the country, he comes to see 'Bamboo'."

Robert - who dated Tinglan for 18 months and visited her after the birth - also revealed how the 32-year-old beauty was feeling upset that Hugh had left her.

The 55-year-old car salesman added: "I think she will be quite sad at the moment. She was looking for stability and children and in a way she's got it. But it doesn't look like she has someone standing by her."

However, Tinglan plans to ask Hugh's ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley to be Bamboo's godmother.

Tinglan and Hugh, 51, met in January and went on a string of dates but by April split and have only met on a few occasions since.

The 'Love Actually' star did not attend the birth of his daughter on September 26, as he was at a political conference in Liverpool.