Hugh Dancy is obsessed with his wife Claire Danes' TV show, 'Homeland'.

The 37-year-old actor - who is expecting a baby with his wife of three years - has revealed he is completely hooked on Claire's award-winning drama about the war on terror and says he even refuses to discuss it with her because he's desperate not to spoil the plot.

Hugh told British ELLE: ''I'm hooked. Claire was still filming in North Carolina while I was watching the first series on telly, and I had to say to her, 'Look, obviously I care about what you do, but you're going to have to stop telling me, because I would rather watch it once a week than actually talk to you.'

''Now she's doing the second season, I recognise that I probably need to focus more on, you know, our marriage than on my own TV viewing.''

The down-to-earth 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' actor also admitted that his beauty regime is far more low maintenance than his TV habits.

He confessed: ''I am very lazy about things like getting my hair cut, so if I'm not working I tend to let it grow and I stop shaving. I'm cheap so I rely on getting it done when I don't have to pay.''

Hugh insists his dress sense is just as casual and says he's no slave to fashion, despite a stint modeling for Burberry.

He explained: ''It doesn't drive my day, but it did help - suddenly I've got a whole load of Burberry clothes in my wardrobe that are all a lot nicer than anything I had. I'll wear a jumper until it's threadbare.''