British actor Hugh Dancy was recently thrown out of an airport lounge in Boston, Massachusetts after a security guard misinterpreted his bizarre fascination with carpets as the actions of a terrorist.
The King Arthur star, who is engaged to Claire Danes, became interested in floor furnishings after a pal came up with the bizarre idea of creating an online database of airport carpets.
So Dancy has turned the international promotional trips for his new movie Adam into opportunities to conduct some research of his own - documenting the different designs he comes across in every arrival and departure lounge with photos.
He explains, "A friend of mine months ago realised what the world didn't have was a database of airport carpets. So I've been travelling around the world taking pictures of the carpets and put them on the website"
But Dancy admits his unusual pastime has landed him in trouble with authorities.
He adds, "You just walk around (looking at the ground) until you find a good piece of carpet... You get some odd looks... It's kind of obsessional.
"I was thrown out of a lounge in Boston. The lady cited security reasons and I think she darkly hinted that I might be a terrorist. The kind of terrorist that would maybe burrow into the land or something! I can understand that from the outside it looks odd."