The long awaited Paddington Bear movie, which opens in UK theatres next weekend (November 28th) has been given a parental guidance reference by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). The PG rating was given after the classifications board found the film contained "dangerous behaviour, mild threat, innuendo and mild bad language.”

Paddington Paddington's PG rating will be a surprise to fans of the classic cartoon

The loveable Bear's dangerous behaviour includes a scene in which he is “hiding from a villain inside a refrigerator” and another where he rides “on a skateboard while holding on to a bus,” according to the BBFC.

Paddington also encounters mild threat when he “lies unconscious on a table while a taxidermist prepares their tools nearby,” and when he finds himself in a jungle during an earthquake.

As for the mild bad language, in one scene the word ‘bloody’ is mumbled.

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But the most surprising element of the film’s PG rating comes from the ‘innuendo’, which was originally listed as ‘mild sex references’. What sex references could there possibly be in a movie about Paddington Bear?

Well, (and massive spoiler alert) the film contains a scene “in which a man disguised as a woman is flirted with by another man”, which the BBFC sees as an example of “mild innuendo”. The description was changed on Tuesday from "mild sex references" to "innuendo" after the movie's distributor objected.

Watch the trailer for Paddington here:

Paddington hits UK theatres next weekend and stars Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins as the Browns, a couple who take in a young bear from Peru, after they found him wandering in Paddington station.

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Directed by Paul King ('The Mighty Boosh', Bunny and the Bull), the titular bear will be voiced by Ben Whishaw after Colin Firth left the film in June. Nicole Kidman, Peter Capaldi, Jim Broadbent and Julie Walters also star.

Paddington will make its way to US theatres on January 16th 2015.

PaddingtonPaddington is released in the UK on November 28th