What is it about BBC comedy panel show Never Mind The Buzzcocks that gets all up in the grill of certain celebrity guests? Since 1996, the show has earned a reputation for childish humour and ribbing its celebs to the nth degree. Anyone without an ego of iron or the ability to laugh at themselves simply shouldn't agree to be a guest.

Huey Morgan
Huey Morgan Took Out His Rage On A Mug.

Yet once more we've seen a celebrity who couldn't handle the music show's immature quiz rounds and jokes. Huey Morgan, frontman of rock and hip hop band Fun Lovin' Criminals, was tipped over the edge during the latest aired Buzzcocks. Morgan, 45, has appeared as a panel member on the show several times before as well as even a guest host once: he should have known the score.

Watch A Clip Of Huey Morgan Storming Off 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks':

Tensions arose when it became evident that the singer and guitarist didn't enjoy having to complete the lyrics to his own band's songs in the 'Next Lines' round. Joint hosts Rizzle Kicks fired off a string of lyrics but the curmudgeonly guest, who sat on the panel with Phil Jupitus and Laura Whitmore, wasn't in the mood to play ball.

During the round Harley and Jordan asked the visibly irritated 6 Music DJ, "Are you alright with that? You look so upset, man." To which Huey replied, "I'm totally alright with that, I just thought you guys might do something different for a change." "It's part of the game Huey. It's next lines mate," laughed Jordan, unaware just how close he was to sending Morgan over the edge.

Huey Morgan Fun Lovin Criminals
First The Mug...Next The Glass Bottle?

Harley and Jordan then tried some different lyrics on Huey, but the funky rap star didn't manage to complete the Snoop Dogg lyrics. Laura answered the next question but when Rizzle Kicks corrected her they were interrupted by a furious Huey who stood up and smashed his Buzzcocks mugs on the desk in front of him and roared "Who's that?"

A terrified-looking Phil cowered whilst Laura yelled "What the f-" and the audience cheered. "Why are you so annoyed about the next line game?" asked Jordan. "I just don't roll like a punk, I'm sorry," said Huey. The other team's 'Next Lines' round was cut short when Phil, Laura and Huey's team were declared winners. As the audience clapped, Huey strode off the set as past the cameras, whilst the rest of the guests laugh uneasily.

Huey Morgan Diana
Keep This Man Away From Breakable Objects!

Huey's rage echoes that of the Ordinary Boys singer Preston who, in 2009, stormed off when host Simon Amstell read an excerpt of his girlfriend Chantelle's autobiography. Back in series 3, Motorhead frontman Lemmy walked off when he realised that host Mark Lamarr and rest of the panellists were making fun of him. Cool your jets, celebrity guests!

And Huey: it'll be the plastic tommee tippee cup for you next time!