Hozier feels objectified by his fans.

The 'Take Me To Church' hitmaker tends to feel ''uncomfortable'' when his fans ask for photos with him, and even said he finds the experience to be ''objectifying'' because people place their hands on his backside as they pose for pictures with him.

He said: ''When it's ten people wanting selfies it can be uncomfortable. You want to disappear.

''When there's a hand on your a**e as they take your picture it's certainly objectifying.''

However, the 25-year-old performer - whose full name is Andrew Hozier-Byrne - conceded the positives of his breakout success far outweigh the negatives, even though it means he can no longer have a quiet drink with his pals without being hounded by admirers.

He continued: ''But that is a small price to pay. I may not be able to go into a pub in Dublin with friends any more, but that's the worst of it.

''To be able to do this for a living? It's a dream come true.''

And although 'Take Me To Church', taken from his eponymous debut LP, has gained him worldwide acclaim and won him two Billboard Music Awards, he still finds the track's success surprising because it is so ''wordy''.

He told The Times newspaper: ''My background is in folk and blues and I never thought I'd end up on radio, especially as 'Take Me To Church' is a wordy song with changing time signatures and no bass guitar. It shouldn't have taken off, but it did.''