Howard Stern is reportedly being groomed to replace Jimmy Fallon on NBC's 'Late Night' talk show.

The controversial radio host and 'America's Got Talent' judge is being considered to host the nightly talk show in 2014 amidst rumours Jimmy will replace Jay Leno as the host of NBC's flagship talk show, 'The Tonight Show'.

NBC executives have been pleased with the shock jock's performance on 'America's Got Talent' - where he sits on the panel with Howie Mandel and two new judges, Mel B and Heidi Klum - and feel he has proven he is suitable for the strict world of broadcast TV.

Howard was considered a risky bet when he signed on for the Simon Cowell-produced talent show last year, due to his provocative radio show and use of bad language, but he has proven to be a hit with younger viewers.

His wife Beth Ostrosky Stern told The New York Post newspaper: ''We were in a hotel and all these little kids recognize him now as the judge from 'America's Got Talent.' Usually it's their dads. But now it is screaming little kids. People are now seeing him for who he really is.''

Beth also feels her husband would be the perfect candidate to host a talk show.

She added: ''I always say that to him! He is one of the best interviewers out there.''