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Kanye West: Bad Purchases Are Like Getting 'Prostitutes Pregnant'

Kanye West thinks making a bad fashion purchase is like getting a ''prostitute pregnant''.The outspoken rapper has branded both an ''expensive mistake'' and believes bad buys come from a lack of knowledge.He said: ''When I...

Kim Kardashian Is Similar To Marilyn Monroe?

Kanye West thinks Kim Kardashian is like a modern day Marilyn Monroe.The 'Bound 2' hitmaker has blasted Vanity Fair magazine for featuring supermodel Kate Upton, 21, styled to look like the 'Some Like It Hot'...

Katy Perry's Ocd Issues

Katy Perry struggles with OCD.The 'Roar' singer has obsessive compulsive disorder and finds herself inexplicably compelled to organise everything in alphabetical lists and eradicate all germs in her house with crazy cleaning rituals.Referencing infamous OCD...

Kanye West: I'm The Steve Jobs Of Culture

Kanye West thinks he's the Steve Jobs of popular culture.The outspoken rapper believes he is ''undoubtedly'' one of the most influential people in the world and has likened himself to the late Apple computers founder...

Disney To Reboot The Rocketeer

Disney looks set to reboot fantasy movie 'The Rocketeer'. Sources revealed to Vulture that the studio are soon to be meeting with writers to hear their proposed story ideas for a remake of the original...

Cameron Rejects Hollywood; Avatar 2 To Film In New Zealand

While James Cameron shot much of his Ocar-winning Avatar in U.S. locations, such as Kauai and the Big Island in Hawaii and the converted aircraft assembly plant in Playa Vista, CA where Howard Hughes built...

Pin-up Star Jane Russell Dead At 89

Jane Russell, whom industrialist Howard Hughes made famous overnight with his sexy advertising campaign for The Outlaw in 1943, died Monday in Santa Maria, CA of respiratory failure at age 89, her son, Buck Waterfield,...

Curtis Berates Brokeback Mountain

Movie legend TONY CURTIS is stunned to learn BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN has received eight Oscar nominations, insisting there is nothing "unique" about the gay cowboy romance. ANG LEE's tragic epic has received nods for Best...

Vera Drake Sweeps London Critics' Circle Film Awards

Controversial movie VERA DRAKE swept the boards at last night's (09FEB05) LONDON CRITICS' CIRCLE FILM AWARDS - with honours bestowed upon actress IMELDA STAUNTON and director MIKE LEIGH. The drama, about an illegal abortionist...

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Normani - Wild Side ft. Cardi B Video

Normani - Wild Side ft. Cardi B Video

Normani and Cardi B dispense with the need to maintain any resemblance of social distancing as they get up-close and personal in the video their...

Dreamland Summer Series: Sports Team's Bus Trip All-Dayer, 23rd July

Dreamland Summer Series: Sports Team's Bus Trip All-Dayer, 23rd July

Before it plays host to some iconic artists and acts, including Billy Ocean, The Specials, The Kaiser Chiefs and James (Among many others) Dreamland...