Howard Donald thinks One Direction need to find ''time for themselves''.

The Take That singer feels it is important for the quartet to discuss what the future holds following Zayn Malik's departure because he and his bandmates never got chance to examine themselves when Robbie Williams quit in 1995.

He said: ''I think they need time for themselves. I think they're moving that fast and they're doing so much.

''They do need to sit in a room together, the four of them, discuss what's gone on and why it could have been.

''I think what happened with us is we were going so fast from one thing to another, we never even got round to discussing the whole thing [when Robbie left].

''Don't wait 10 years, boys. Don't wait 10 years.''

While Gary Barlow recently agreed to sing at a number of fans' weddings, Howard and Mark Owen joked they would offer more practical services to reward their supporters.

Mark said: ''I quite like gardening. I could do a bit of that.''

Howard added to heat magazine: ''I could go around and do a tidying service of their bedrooms. Throw out the stuff they don't need. 'Nah they don't need that.' 'Throw those shoes away.' ''