House Music Awards
Hammersmith Palais
17th November 2005

House Music Awards

Judging by the amount of different languages spoken in the queue outside the Palais on Thursday night it was obvious that these awards had pulled the crowds in from across Europe. But was this to be a night of hardcore house fanatics partying the night away or a crowd full of Eurotrash glamour whores?

Come on, it's an awards ceremony, both crowds are gonna be there – both the anorak wearing trainspotters and the tarted up dolly birds – just the right mix of people: those in the know and girls that will do anything to get there. Nudge, nudge.

The night was hosted by the cringe worthy yet amiable Cuban Brothers. Are they really Cuban? Judging from the accent no, but they did look like they'd just walked off the set of Scarface from a Miami beach! To be honest I can't remember who won what although I do remember Eric Morillo won a couple of gongs, Defected won something and Space in Ibiza won best club or something.

Norman Jay MBE presented one of the awards with a 'what the hell's going on 'ere look' on his face but most nominees on the night didn't know what it was all about either and looked embarrassed more than anything.

Best thing about the night – as with any musical night – were the live performances. These included a hugely powerful couple of songs from house goddess Barbara Tucker and a more mellow, but ultimately more Rock N Roll performance from the BodyRockers – is that House?

After the awards were over the night became one big party and no doubt everyone had a good time which is what house music is all about – just letting go and HAVIN' IT!

Alex Mula

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